Ni Feng

Ni Feng

Fundamental knowledge about how hibernation enables some species to survive over an entire winter without water has the immense potential to advance human medicine. This project will use the thirteen-lined ground squirre... Read More

JiaBei Lin

Hsp104 is a protein disaggregase that enables yeast to survive stress and maintain their fitness during replicative or chronological aging. Homologues of Hsp104 are missing from metazoa. We hope to rationally evolve Hsp1... Read More

Tatsuo Okubo, PhD

This project examines cognitive flexibility in spatial navigation in the fruit fly Drosophila and uses wind-guided navigation as a model. Flies change their walking direction relative to the wind based on whether or not ... Read More

Maria De Los Angeles Serrano

Children with Kabuki Syndrome (KS) have neurodevelopment defects that greatly impact the quality of life for KS children and their families. The cellular and molecular mechanisms by which KMT2D mutations cause these neur... Read More

Jason Vevea

Human genetic studies have linked numerous neuronal proteins to neurodegenerative disease, but the functions of many of these proteins remain unclear thus hindering the development of effective therapies. In this project... Read More