About The Warren Alpert Foundation

Our Mission

The focus of The Warren Alpert Foundation is to improve the health of the public through grants and programmatic activities progressing towards attaining or perfecting medical treatments or cures through basic research, translational and outcomes research as well as through health education. 

Our Founder

Warren Alpert, (1920-2007), was a successful philanthropist and entrepreneur. He was the founder of Warren Equities, which Forbes Magazine listed as one of the top 500 privately owned companies. Mr. Alpert has been a generous philanthropist having established the Warren Alpert Foundation, a non profit organization which supports innovative individuals and organizations dedicated to understanding and curing disease through groundbreaking research, scholarship and service.

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Our Board of Directors

Joseph B. Martin, MD, PhD
Director/Chair of the Board
August R. Schiesser
Director/Executive Director/President/ Treasurer
Jeffrey A. Walker
Director/Secretary/ General Counsel
Daniel F. Schmitt
David M. Hirsch
Barbara McNeil, MD, PhD
Fred J. Schiffman, MD
Robert H. Brown, Jr.- D.Phil., M.D
Gregory W. Kaneb

Our Staff

August R. Schiesser
Executive Director
Kimberly Francis
Office Manager

Financial Statements

Photocopies of the three most recent 990PF’s for The Warren Alpert Foundation are available upon request for a reasonable fee.  

Send your requests via email to info@warrenalpertfoundation.org and allow 30 days to process your request.