How to Apply

Medical and Research Grants

The Warren Alpert Foundation accepts grants for medical research, medical education, and in some cases general education and basic human services grants. See below on how to apply for these grants.

Prospective applicants should submit a Letter of Inquiry (LOI). Please click here to submit your LOI.

The Letter of Inquiry will require the below information:

  • Title of Program
  • Description of Program
  • Perceived Need
  • Goals & Methodology
  • Approximated Budget & Time Line

Be sure to include proper contact information with your LOI.

NOTE: LOI’s and applications are reviewed quarterly prior to our board of director’s meetings. (February, May, August & November)

Distinguished Scholars Award

The dean or academic research officer of each medical school, academic hospital or research institute located in the United States is invited to nominate one candidate for research in basic or clinical neurosciences. Scholars will be chosen on the basis of the success in their prior post-doctoral work as well as in the importance and creativity of their continued work. The Foundation expects to make five awards in 2021.

The foundation will select recipients for awards using an objective and nondiscriminatory selection process based upon criteria including a review of each applicant’s scholastic achievements, academic records, scientific proposal and submitted letters of recommendation.

Please download the application and fill out according to the listed requirements.  You must submit all requirements electronically to no later than November 1, 2020.