The Warren Alpert Distinguished Scholar Awards

We are pleased to announce that the nomination period for the 3rd Annual Warren Alpert Distinguished Scholars Fellowship Award is now open.

The Warren Alpert Distinguished Scholars program will support individual scientists of exceptional creativity who have an MD or PhD degree (or both) and who have completed a minimum of three years  of a post-doctoral fellowship by July 1, 2021 in the field of  neurosciences and hold a post-doctoral research position at a United States medical school, research institute or academic hospital.

These awards are given as a transitional post-doctoral award for recipients to enable their advance to a full-time faculty member at the Assistant Professor level or higher. The medical school, research institute or academic hospital appointing the scholar will be awarded $200,000 annually for two years to cover their salary, lab costs, and related expenses.  Under certain circumstances, the awardee may transfer funding in year 2 to support their faculty position.  Indirect cost of up to 15% of direct costs, may be included in the $200,000.  All applicants are required to provide 75% effort.

Congratulations to the 2020 Warren Alpert Distinguished Scholars

Ni Feng
Yale School of Medicine
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JiaBei Lin
University of Pennsylvania - Perelman School of Medicine
view award details
Tatsuo Okubo, PhD
Harvard Medical School
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Maria De Los Angeles Serrano
University of Utah Medical School
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Jason Vevea
University of Wisconsin - Madison School of Medicine & Public Health
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The 2019 Warren Alpert Distinguished Scholars

Sinisa Hrvatin, PhD
Harvard Medical School
view award details
Nhat T. Le, PhD
Boston University School of Medicine
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Emilie Reas, PhD
University of California San Diego- School of Medicine
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E. Javier López Soto, PhD
Brown University
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Yvette Wong, PhD
Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
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How to Apply

The dean or chief academic research officer is invited to nominate one candidate. Scholars will be chosen on the basis of the success in their prior post-doctoral work as well as in the importance and creativity of their continued work. The Foundation expects to make five awards in 2021.

The Foundation will select recipients for awards using an objective and nondiscriminatory selection process based upon criteria including a review of each applicant’s scholastic achievements, academic records, scientific proposal and submitted letters of recommendation.

Please download the application and fill out according to the listed requirements.  You must submit all requirements electronically to no later than November 1, 2020.

Note:  All inquiries and applications must be submitted by either the Dean, Chief Academic Research Officer or the Grant’s Administration office.

Awards are to be announced in February 2021.


Our Review Board

H. Robert Horvitz, PhD
Lennart Mucke, MD
Rachel Wilson, PhD
Karen Furie, MD
Joseph B. Martin, MD, PhD
Fred J. Schiffman, MD
Robert H. Brown, Jr.- D.Phil., M.D.
Barbara McNeil, MD, PhD